About Always Consult

We are an established and proven management and people development training provider.  We were founded in 2009 to provide any size of business with development solutions for all their people, we now provide training and qualifications in Leadership and Management, Coaching and Mentoring and Careers information and Guidance to a diverse range of organisations both nationally and internationally. In 2017 we added Management apprenticeships to our portfolio, and in 2020 the Careers Professional Development, all of which keeps us on our toes!

Our aim is to help organisations become more effective, efficient and more successful in achieving peak performance. We work with you to realise the full potential of the people who work for you by identifying individual development needs.

We offer efficient, interactive and cost-effective ways through training and coaching, to improve profits by – quite simply – getting the most from your people. Getting everyone on side when trading conditions are difficult is vital.

We work with many major blue-chip organisations, including the NHS, Health Care, Councils, Universities, Schools, Police, Manufacturing and Construction industries, helping them with staff development. It’s not always about the qualification. Soft skills and development programmes are an essential part of what we offer our clients.

We recognise, there are many smaller businesses’ who need our help, We haven’t forgotten our roots; the local people in and around the area who helped us become the growing company we are today. We continue to support the smaller business in any way we can with their individual and personal development; we coach and mentor, we motivate, provide inspiration and give a sense of direction by our innovative training methods. We recognise, one size doesn’t fit all!

In this fast-paced working environment we recognise the importance of developing knowledge skills and ability and this includes the people who work alongside you and us in developing, designing and delivering exceptional training programmes. We continually upskill our team to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to keep your team safe when training or coaching. We provide, safe-guarding, health and safety, inclusivity, equality and diversity specialist training to all our team of associates, as well as them having continual professional development in their own specialist areas. We have a robust recruitment and selection process, to ensure we have the very best people on board to help your business and people succeed, they deliver quality, innovative and bespoke training. They thrive on seeing people develop and take pride in their own personal development.

We commit to giving high levels of customer service, regardless of what approach you decide is best for you and your business. We work hard at offering a blended approach which makes a real difference to measuring and evaluating the increased knowledge, skills, behaviours and resilience of the people. We evaluate and measure the success of the development by offering a variety of well -established and industry proven methods- For example, 360 degree feedback, DiSC profiling to measure and evaluate resilience, working with other, leadership skills, and levels of Agile Emotional Quotient.

Always Consult isn’t just a training provider, neither is it about providing a ‘quick fix’. We want to make a real difference and the feedback from clients tell us we do just that. We help increase productivity through increased levels of performance.

Get in touch and talk to us about how we can make a difference.