Always Consult is Cyber Essentials PLUS Certified

Always Consult is Cyber Essentials PLUS Certified

As a national adult training provider, we naturally hold a lot of personal information. Information security is therefore of paramount importance. We have systems, processes and procedures in place to ensure the highest levels of security and regular internal auditing takes place.

However, we recognise the importance of independent, external auditing to confirm that we are doing what we need to. We are therefore delighted to announce that last month we achieved the extended qualification of Cyber Essentials Plus certification as a result of complying with high standards of data security and passing their independent audit.

What is Cyber Essentials Plus

Becoming certified involves a detailed technical external audit of systems, equipment and processes to ensure that risks to a range of common “cyber attacks” are mitigated.

For Always Consult, this was a fairly gruelling process lasting some weeks as we worked to demonstrate to the auditor that all security measures were in place. A range of test attacks was performed and none succeeded in getting through our firewalls or being overlooked by our anti-malware controls.

What this means for our clients

Our clients can be sure that any data we process, belonging to them or their learners, is kept secure, and the way in which we keep it secure has been independently audited.

Furthermore, annual recertification means that we will continue to keep our systems and processes updated in the light of any new threats.

Carol Ewels, Managing Director, commented:

“The Cyber Essentials Plus certification is an important achievement for our company. It gives our clients and stakeholders peace of mind that their data is safe against cyber-attacks….”

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