Always Consult Learner Achieves First Ever Career Development Professional Apprenticeship

Always Consult Learner Achieves First Ever Career Development Professional Apprenticeship

Always Consult is delighted to announce that it is the first national training provider to support a Careers Adviser through the new Career Development apprenticeship programme.

Lucy Warner, an employee at careers charity Adviza, has become a “trailblazer” for the sector, passing the CDP with flying colours.

Carol Ewels, Managing Director at Always Consult, said: “What a milestone! We were one of the first organisations to throw our hat into the ring once the apprenticeship was rubber-stamped back in 2019. Congratulations to Lucy and our Skills Coach, Ade Pitt. It’s been a roller-coaster ride for sure, with no benchmark and nothing to compare against. What these two have achieved is opening the floodgates for other Career Advisers and Coaches who will follow in their footsteps.”

Adapting to the times

Lucy is an experienced Careers Adviser. She’s had to adapt to changing delivery models in the light of the global pandemic. Having already attained level 3 and 4 Diplomas in Careers Guidance-related subjects, Lucy put her thoughts of gaining the Level 6 qualification on hold so she could take maternity leave. When she returned to work, a new apprenticeship was available which would allow her the opportunity to further enhance her development. Adviza was only too pleased to support her.

With guidance, CDP students are able to define their own workplace project, a key component of the apprenticeship. Lucy focused on optimising the digital delivery of Careers Advice, something she personally witnessed becoming more important over the last two years in her work with Adviza.

Lucy said: “The best thing of all has been the fact that my apprenticeship project is so relevant to my role and will allow Adviza to further enhance the digital delivery of our Careers Guidance service to schools, young people and adults.” Lucy has recently been promoted to Digital Services Lead at Adviza. She’s now helping to do just that!

Fantastic feedback

Adrian Pitt, Senior IAG and Careers Training Coordinator at Always Consult, was Lucy’s Skills Coach. He said:

“Lucy is part of the first cohort in the country to embark on the CDP with the added dilemma of a pandemic thrown into the mix. Her patience and positivity has shown no bounds and her achievements are significant in that she’s the first Careers Adviser to have completed the training. Lucy’s confidence as a guidance professional has grown tremendously and the quality of her delivery to Adviza customers has gone into sixth gear! That’s what an apprenticeship is all about. I am so proud of her.”

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