“Being Better Tomorrow Than We Are Today” – Our 2022 Conference Theme

“Being Better Tomorrow Than We Are Today” – Our 2022 Conference Theme

The second Always Consult Annual Conference was held on 21 and 22 June 2022 at Haughmond Lodge – What an amazing two days we all had!

32 of the team arrived from the North, Midlands, and South of England; full of anticipation on what the next two days would bring.

The Senior Leadership Team explained our rationale for “Getting Back to Basics”, the latest Always Consult project which will ensure we are “Doing the right things to get things right”- We aim to be better at what we do and give even more transparency and clarity to our clients, apprentices, delegates and employees.

The ‘Market Stalls’ showed off the “Getting Back to Basics” progress to date; they were a great hit, and gave a real insight into exactly what changes we are bringing in and the reasons for them.

Safeguarding, Functional Skills, Commercial Updates, and Team Building were all on the agenda – “Hats off” to all the presenters who worked hard at making the topics stand out, with quirky titles and imaginative content.  “Thank you” to all who went the “extra mile” to make this happen, you truly won over hearts and minds.

The sun shone and the views were as spectacular as ever as we looked over Haughmond Hill and beyond.

Our headline key-note speaker, Darren Edwards, delivered an amazing inspirational talk  around his very own story on how to overcome adversity. It was truly moving and motivational, what a story! Darren’s LinkedIn link

The food was delicious and a big vote of thanks went to our Office Manager, Helen Birchall, who pulled out all the stops to get everyone fed and watered …. in abundance!

The day ended with the Always Consult Heroes 2022 awards.

The vote went to three of our team who everyone felt had done that little bit extra throughout the year.

And ……. a big “well done” goes to:

Hilary Rowley – Skills Coach (Leadership and Management)

Ade Pitt – Skills Coach (Career Development Professional)

Helen Birchall – Office Manager

Of course, everyone went on their way with their own box of Heroes – Well why not!

Thank you “Team Always Consult” – Your inspiration and commitment is truly “The Best”

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