Driving Performance and Dealing with Performance Issues

  • If you have an appraisal system in place and it isn’t giving you the results you need;
  • if you have people issues you need help with;
  • if you want your people to feel supported, motivated and encouraged to increase productivity; or
  • if you need help with retaining your best people…

…then having us at Always Consult create a Performance Management or Appraisal System programme, bespoke for your company, may well provide the answers.

We provide training, support, coaching and advice to the managers and team leaders to help them become more effective in delivering feedback in a formal appraisal situation. The benefits to your organisation are tremendous:

  • Develops team performance
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Reduces stress in the workplace
  • Enables your business to monitor results
  • Makes staff feel more involved and empowered.
  • Increases productivity and sales potential

You get all of the above benefits delivered by Always Consult as painlessly as possible, through:

  • Free workshops
  • Free initial consultation to help you identify personality types within your team
  • Bespoke appraisal system for your company
  • Training & coaching designed for individuals who carry out appraisals who are looking to build their confidence and effectiveness

We design our packages with your business in mind.  After an initial free consultation, you choose a package from our Platinum, Gold and Silver range. Alternatively, we are of course happy to consider a bespoke package designed just for your business.

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