First-Line Manager Foundation Programme

This four-day training programme is designed to prepare the first-line manager for success in his or her new role. Whether you are a first-line manager yourself, or an organisation looking to prepare your first-line managers for success, this course is what you need.

It’s a rapid and cost-effective solution is designed for learners and businesses  with a limited budget or not wanting to participate in a full blown qualification.

ILM-Endorsed Programme:  This is one of our ILM-endorsed learning programmes. ILM, the national awarding body that specialises in high-quality leadership and management awards, has determined that this course meets their stringent quality and content requirements. This endorsement provides learners and employers alike with certainty that the course meets nationally recognised standards and is directly related to functions that will improve workplace performance.

Programme Overview

Our First-Line Manager Foundation programme is a 4-day programme which can be run over a period of time or 4-consecutive days.

Day 1

  • Roles & responsibilities of a team leader
  • Leading a team

Day 2

  • Performance management
  • Employee rights
  • Dealing with underperformance/challenging conversations

Day 3

  • Staff engagement & motivation
  • Staff and your wellbeing

Day 4

  • Effective communication
  • Unconscious bias and managing your manager
  • Take action! – development plan

Please contact Always Consult to book this programme.

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