FREE help with starting your new business?

FREE help with starting your new business?

Starting out in business  and you don’t know where to start- read  on! FREE workshops available throughout July and August to help and support the journey.

You may know someone who has a great business idea and you don’t know where or who to direct them to for that all important support in the early stages of starting out. There is help available.

The perception is that all the start up help available has been removed-this is not the case.  Business Link are still alive and kicking and offer support and help FREE. They have a fantastic website which has everything you need to know about starting your own business and beyond.

  Business Enterprise Support   

are delivering FREE workshops for anyone seriously thinking of starting out in business. There is also FREE mentoring and coaching available with a fully accredited SFEDI business advisor.   Business planning, cash flow forecasting-if this is an area where help and support is needed it’s all FREE until the start up stage.

Also,  Enterprise HQ in Coalport are supporting FREE  Business Start up workshops throughout July and August.  Workshops available in a stunning part of Shropshire and the now famous Coalport Cakes are worth coming along for on their own!  Book in by clicking the link below, places are limited to 10.

Shropshire Council support business “drop in” sessions in Shrewsbury and Oswestry.

Always Consult offers FREE business start up workshops and ongoing help and support  with business planning, cash flow forecasts and marketing your business, working in association with some of the above mentioned organisations. 

FREE workshops  available in Shrewsbury throughout  July and Auagust are:

Tuesday July 12 Business Awareness, 9am to 12.30 at The Roy Fletcher Centre.

Tuesday  July 19th Business Awareness 9am to 12.30 at Evans Easy Space or The Roy Fletcher Centre.

Thursday July 21st Business Awareness, 9amto 12.30am at The Roy Fletcher Centre

Thursday July 28th One day Sales, Marketing and Finance course at The Roy Fletcher Centre 9am to 4.30pm.

Thursday August 25th Business Awareness, 9amto12.30 at The Roy Fletcher Centre.

CALL NOW ON 03334442467 or 07981182531

e-mail  for more details and to book your place.


Directions to the Roy Fletcher Centre

Located in Cross Hill, off St John’s Hill, near the Market Hall in the town centre.

Ten minutes walk from bus or rail stations

Short stay parking is in Barker Street or Bridge Street

Longer stay parking is in Raven Meadows multi-storey or Frankwell car park

Park and Ride stops are close by, in Shoplatch and Barker Street, serving Meole Brace and Oxon.


Hi Carol,

Trust you are well. I have just spoken to a friend of mine, Sue Hatfield, who is keen on wanting to start-up her own coaching business. I have given her your contact details to get in touch with you about courses and your business start-up support.

Speak soon.
Best wishes


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