From NVQ to something new!

From NVQ to something new!

DARWIN THE MONKEY, Develop-meant Training Consultant’s mascot, interviews owner ADRIAN PITT about the changes to NVQs and the glamorous ladies he Associates with!

D: So, Ade, what’s all this I hear about NVQs being no more?

A: Well, Darwin, funny you should ask that! From now on, if you want to undertake a vocational qualification, you’ll find yourself knee deep in the QCF.

D: QCF? What does that stand for?

A: It’s the Qualifications and Credit Framework.

D: Yawn! Anyway Ade, nice talking to you. Must go, I’ve got a chicken in the oven…

A: Hey! Hang on a minute, it’s not as boring as it sounds.

D: Hmmmmm…are you sure? NVQs didn’t exactly set the world alight!

A: Yeah, maybe so, but you haven’t undertaken a qualification with Carol and Sheila! They’re the Queens of the QCF! They’re the “Q” for sure!

D: Carol and Sheila?

A: Carol is the Managing Director of Always Consult and Sheila and I are Associates. I’m here to make sure they both behave themselves!

D: Oh right, still not 100% sure I know what this QCF is all about…

A: Well, it’s a more flexible approach to undertaking a qualification. The work you do accumulates Credits, you can “bank” these, take the money and run, happy with the qualification you’ve got…OR…you can go back to your “bank” and add to it at a later date by undertaking a higher level of qualification in your chosen subject area…OR…you can transfer what you’ve already achieved into a related subject area without having to repeat your learning!

D: Carol and Sheila, they sound foxy!

A: They are!

D: So, what part do they play?

A: Carol cracks the whip! She’s also an Assessor, Sheila is, too, but she’s not got a whip yet.

D: And your role, do you just stand about looking handsome?

A: Oh Darwin <blush!> I’m the Internal Verifier, I quality assure Carol and Sheila, if their lipstick doesn’t match their shoes, I tell ’em about it!

D: So, what you selling?

A: Well, we’re delivering the Institute of Leadership and Management Level 3 Award in Effective Management and the ILM Level 3 Award in Starting Your Enterprise.

D: But they’re just going to be as boring as the old NVQs, surely?

A: Not with the Always Consult team! We’re a quirky bunch! We want to cut out all the complicated language, the barrage of paperwork and the repetition that folk complained about when they undertook an NVQ. We don’t want folk to feel like their qualification is a millstone round their neck. It should be an integral part of their working life and they should feel that it’s stretching them and making them think.

D: Oh yeah, yadda, yadda, yadda!

A: OK my cynical monkey friend, why not try it out?

D: OK I will! Who do I contact?

A: Well, tell your (pri)mates to contact me on 07854 929 869 or try Sheila on 07984 022 039 or you could always consult (see what I did there?!) Carol on 0333 444 2467 or 07981 182 531.

D: Why’s Carol got a posh 0333 number?

A: Coz she lives in a barn!

D: Nuff said!

For more information on the qualifications Always Consult and the team are offering, visit the website at

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