How to survive the Level 5!

How to survive the Level 5!

If you were to ask Karl Hammond what his lucky number is, “5” wouldn’t crop up in the conversation! Karl works at St. Nicholas Special School in Kent, however, that hasn’t always been the case. Five years ago, he was employed at Gillingham Football Club, supporting young people excluded from mainstream education. Back then, the decision was made that Karl would undertake his Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training.

Fast forward five years and Karl’s celebrating! He’s now fully qualified and his Diploma certificate has just popped through the post! You may be thinking: “That’s an awfully long time to be studying for a qualification?” The short answer? Yes, it is!

So, what happened for Karl during that time? Simple! Life happened! Redundancy, job searching, personal issues, a new career, re-adjustment, finding the motivation to just keep on going, these were all factors that impacted on Karl and his Level 5 training.

However, there’s a thing to be said for resilience and determination! Karl’s demonstrated he has both in bucketloads! Not once did he moan, complain, or think he wouldn’t achieve. Feedback from assessment and quality assurance to “tweak here”, “amend there” didn’t faze him. He accepted the comments graciously and soldiered on, producing some excellent pieces of evidence.

At Always Consult, we were there for Karl every step of the way. We KNEW he could achieve. There were nudges when he needed them, periodic pep talks, phone calls, emails, visits, online meetings, support from his managers – they all helped him sail past the finish line, albeit a marathon rather than a sprint!

What this story does show is a dogged determination to reach a goal. Karl’s passionate about working with young people. His ultimate aim for undertaking the Level 5 was to enhance his professional practice and teaching delivery and improve the learning experience for the youngsters he supports. We’ll give him a big “thumbs up” on both counts and wish him continued success for the future.

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