Time to start planning for 2011.

Start the New year by unlocking the potential of your staff by ensuring you have an effective appraisal system in place.  If you employ staff it’s vital you have a management tool in place to get the very best from your team and also to protect yourself from unnecessary and expensive legal implications.

An appraisal system can:

  1. Allow your business  to monitor results
  2. Reduce stress in the workplace
  3. Enable staff to feel valued
  4. Improve productivity
  5. Increase sales

This is the time to reflect on 2010-what went well, what would you do differently? How much time was spent on developing and motivating your staff to exceed the performance targets and bring more profit to the business. Could this be an action to take into 2011? Effective performance management is a must for business success,  appraisals are a performance management tool and will pave the way for motivating and developing your team. 

If you are introducing an appraisal performance management tool into the business, keep it simple until the appraisee and appraiser are familiar with the system. 

A few golden rules for effective appraisal reviews

  • Remember to praise  and make it sincere, not patronising
  • Ask relevant open and probing questions
  • Listen to what is being said
  • Agree the actions
  • Summarise and follow through with regular reviews

 This is the last blog in 2010, therefore, on behalf of Always Consult,  have a great Christmas , keep it stress free and happy business planning one and all.


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